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Shipping & Returns

Spread the necessary information

The transmission of information, including name, correct address, e-mail address, zip code and telephone number. If the address or telephone number is incorrect, you will not receive the item and you will be liable for the loss.

Delivery options and costs

Your order is very important to us. To ensure that you receive your purchase as soon as possible, the item is mainly transported by DHL or EMS. We are pleased to provide international shipping for most parts of the world.

Order processing time

All items will be around to check shipping 3-10 business days. After you send, you will receive confirmation e-mail sending and tracking information. Note: All orders will be processed and shipped Monday through Friday (except holidays). We can not for unpredictable delays such as vacationers or wrong addresses. We recommend that one person can accept parcels. If you do not need to handle delivery at home, we recommend that you send a package away from the workplace.

Track your orders

If the order is shipped, we'll notify you via the email tracking code, and the site can check for online items within 48-72 hours. You can follow your order on the My Account page.
Tracking number to check:
EMS Website:
DHL website: or
Please note that we will send your order via postal code and post office box or similar address, not just the shipping address.

Have your order

Delivery time is based on your store's products and placing orders. Depending on the rule, you will receive 10 days for the item under the order to be completed. Please do not hesitate to pay attention to your account. When you receive your order within 15 days, please contact the local post office immediately. You can also contact our customer service, we will make every effort

2Subscription delivery

The signature requires your shipment. However, if you can mail do not provide a try for your family. If you and your family are unavailable, they accept the order and return the package the next day.

Refused to send

If you refuse to sign, or for any reason, for some reason, because you can not use, or if you give us a delivery address is incorrect or incomplete) automatically return the package, your order will be canceled and provide a report credit card Used for your order. And 50% of the raw material prices and transportation costs are not refundable. Sorry! By rejecting the returned product can not be returned to us will not be accepted. These orders will be returned to you unopened.

Tax and customs

We are currently in more than 200 countries in the world, most countries in the world allow Internet free trade delivery, the company does not receive any tariff packets in the country. All items are sold in our online store of contraband to the path of delivery, which means that all relevant customs duties and taxes can be imposed from some countries. The customer is the applicable tariff, the tax may be passive in the destination country.

In addition, if you want to publish an announcement, you still need to be responsible for tax and tariff substitutes.

Back to the purchase

All items are quality controlled and checked for defects prior to shipment. If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please contact us by e-mail. You must have a picture to project our mailbox. The subject of the message should be named "Order" so that we can give you a quick response (thank you!) Will.

Please be sure to receive a return merchandise authorization within 7 days for a replacement or refund. If the packaging and label suppliers include, you must receive your prompts under the same conditions to return uncleaned, uncleaned or defective items. Can not accept damage, pollution or change the return, and will be returned. If you wish to return your purchase, I am sorry that you can pay 50% of the item cost and return the return price of the item. Return shipping is the buyer's responsibility. Of course, packaging goods. Enter the following information at the time of return: Billing name, Address, Recipient name, Address, Order number, Reason for return.

Give you a refund

Once your return is accepted and monitored, the logistics center will charge your original purchase of the credit card or payment within 2 days of the original method and the refund will be automatically processed. Please note that depending on your credit card company, you will be able to use your credit card in the future, please contact your account to book another 2-10 days or longer

Purchase exchange

The exchange request must be made within 7 days of receipt of the order. Specify the size of the exchange item and the new model or e-mail sent to the service center to the customer. The item must be in its original state, not worn items. Replaceable components are not guaranteed. After completing the processing trade, you will receive an email confirmation. If you would like to exchange your purchase, I am sorry that you can pay us for the item and 30% of the item you will refund the cost of the item (not the lowest price or retail price). Delivery is the responsibility of the customer.

Cancel your order

If you'd like to cancel your order for a refund, please contact us today. It does not have to pay the cancellation order for the total deduction order cancellation fee, which is 30% of the cancellation order, for reimbursement of management fees and transaction costs involved.

Important information

A) We try to display the colors on our product's website as accurately as possible. However, as a computer monitor, we can not guarantee that every color on your monitor is quite correct.

B) If you return or exchange your order, our project would like to have /. From your local post office, we can not be responsible for parcels lost in transit. You will receive an email notification as soon as you receive and process your return. C) We will not accept returned online sales and customs clearance items (S). If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you can change colors for different sizes or items (only for the same type you purchased).

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. Our Service Team Our loyal customers will always be with you.

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